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Triple Bunk Beds

Triple Bunk Bed

What makes a triple bunk?

Triple bunk beds are either three bunk beds in a stack or two bunk beds with a trundle bed below that pulls out only as you need it!  If you need a triple bunk bed, call us today!  We can make any of our styles a triple bunk bed!

All of our bunk beds are designed to allow a triple bunk bed system!

If you're looking for a triple bunk bed set, we can help you!   All of our designs can be made as a triple bunk bed set!  First, pick a design you like and call us!  We can then discuss building a triple bunk bed for you using that design that you most like.  Triple bunk beds are great and a cool addition to any room!  If you need to really pack people or kids into a room, the triple bunk bed is the way to go.  Before you call, measure your ceiling height!  Even with an 8' ceiling, a triple bunk will fit into it nicely!

Never underestimate the Trundle Bed!

Getting a trundle underneath the bottom bunk is always a good idea.  You never know when you'll need that extra mattress!   Trundles are nice because they are hidden into the bed itself.   Which means you don't have to worry about it until you need it.  Our trundles are built to match and placed on heavy duty caster wheels that are appealing and strong enough to accomodate adults.  They roll out easy on any carpet and are put away just as easy!

Our Deluxe Model can be made into a triple Bunk Bed that's both luxurious looking and strong



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